The Czech company “CLT Czechia” is a business partner of Stora Enso on the Czech market and distributes CLT panels. This product is very popular for building not only family and apartment houses, but also multi-storey office buildings or multi-purpose buildings. The CLT panels are creating a healthy environment from modern, natural and tactile material that comes from sustainable resources and has a very positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions.  

The AGROP NOVA a.s. manufactures products under the NOVATOP brand-mark.

Today it is one of the biggest and most modern producers of large-format panels in Europe.

Perspektiv is an architectural studio with the mission to transform visions and dreams into reality. They are behind projects that had an ambitious vision from the very beginning. The realisations extend the perspective of human knowledge and become a central point of everyday life. There is a symbiosis between the client’s vision, respect to architecture and design in each project.

MOD Architekti is a progressive architectural office that is not afraid to overcome any challenges thanks to the experienced and diverse team. The goal of their creation is to interconnect the aesthetics and effectiveness. They are not afraid of hard work.

Stable partner for design and realisation of various constructions from CLT, BSH and LVL. It is a company that can lead clients on the basis of a study from design proposal to realisation.

Ing. Petr Jiříček
Sales director CLT Czechia

With A2 Timber studio we have long-term cooperation in the area of design work, structural design of family houses and atypical designs of constructions from our NOVATOP-system. The cooperation runs smoothly.

Ing. Josef Mynář
NOVATOP product specialist

We are in cooperation these days with the A2 Timber Design office regarding processing a pioneering timber construction of Budex Hub. There is a fast communication with the A2 Timber team regarding sharing solution ideas for our architectural intentions and this is what suits us.

Collective of Perspective Studio

SWe are in long-term cooperation with colleagues from A2 Timber during construction design of our timber buildings and timber installations in public areas. Besides structural designs for our projects we also consult details and related construction connections. We very much appreciate their professional erudition and complex approach no matter if it is a hotel or a small recreational cabin.

Ing. arch. Vojtěch Večeře

MÓD architekti

12 years of experience

From design to implementation

Certified material

Professional approach and advice

Possibility of securing production visits

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